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Who are we?

Espresso Rentals offers a unique and financially beneficial service through its rental of commercial coffee machines, because we can offer an alternative to tying up thousands of dollars in capital outlay and expensive service and repair costs.

Outlets are now experiencing a huge demand for espresso coffee, can you afford not to provide this benefit to your customers?

Why Rent?

Enjoy the benefits of renting your Espresso Machine:

  • Monthly rental contracts

    Espresso Rentals contracts do not involve lengthy leasing arrangements.

  • Tax Benefits

    Remember, all rental fees are fully tax deductible whereas an outright purchase attracts only a small depreciation each year.

  • Increase Profits

    All businesses are now looking for increased profits and what could be better than NO capital outlay and the fact that the first 2 or 3 cups of coffee pay for the entire day's rental.

Contact Us

For more information on the services we offer contact:

Espresso Rentals

Mobile: 0416 119 130
Telephone: (03) 5248 8815
Address: 33 Nobility Street
Moolap Victoria,
Australia 3221